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Genshin Impact 1.5: How to unlock every Noelle Hangout Act II quest ending

Genshin Impact 1.5 brings a second act to Noelle’s initial Hangout event (also simply known as Noelle Hangout 2). It serves as a psuedo-sequel to the last hangout quest that saw her take a rest, go on a date, smash some rocks, and be a little too naively courteous to a suspicious man looking to steal Mondstadt’s wine secrets. If you’re ready to see what she’s up to now, read on to learn how to get all six endings in the second Noelle hangout event quest.

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How to unlock Noelle Hangout Two in Genshin ImpactHow to unlock Noelle hangout 2 Genshin Impact

Serving as a sequel to Noelle’s first Hangout story, unlocking Act II requires not only completing the former, but unlocking all six endings from it as well. Some of the lead-ins wouldn’t make much sense without them, after all.

Luckily, Noelle’s first Hangout event is still available. You’ll need two keys to unlock it — collected by completing eight Daily Commissions — so if you’re new to Noelle’s hangout storyline, it may take a few days to gather the keys needed to unlock both. Once you have the story unlocked, trigger it through the Quest page and help her out.

All Noelle Act II hangout event endings and how to unlock them

Ending One: Rest Amidst the Rocks

This ending follows the first from Act 1, in which Noelle decided to hang out in the library reading up on all sorts of subjects. Convince her to look for a change of scenery and you’ll unceremoniously end up in Liyue Harbor.

Complete the smaller requests until the kid at the blacksmith gives you the option to talk to the Millelith. Head up to the hills by Stone gate, beat up the Treasure Hoarders, and you’ll unlock the first ending.

Ending Two: The Maid-Knight’s Tale

To unlock Noelle’s second ending, you need to send her back out to see some new sights when you find her at a library.

Follow the steps around Liyue Harbor again until you reach the blacksmith. Rather than heading out to see the Millelith when the kid asks, take the opportunity to go to the Third-Round Knockout restaurant instead.

Press to investigate a Hilichurl camp in the nearby mountains and, after a few fights and a clean-up of the general area, you’ll find a device. Take it back to the Iron Tongue Tian in town and you’ll hear of heroic tales, unlocking the second Noelle hangout ending.

Ending Three: Perfect Score

To unlock Noelle’s third hangout ending, you want her to stick around town when you meet at the library. She’s rattled about an upcoming exam. Rather than tell her to get some air, convince her to take some extra exams to get her used to things.

This will send you down the Perfect Score ending route, in which you’ll need to complete three tests around town by talking to Katheryne, the Adventurer’s Guild escort, and Cyrus by one of the taverns.

Follow the steps below to pass each exam:

  1. Exam One: Windwheel Aster, Roald, and Mare Jivari for the first test.
  2. Exam Two: Give a Steak to Cyrus, then give a Steak to Cyrus to complete the second.
  3. Exam Three: Follow Cyrus to Brightcrown Canyon and defeat the Ruin Guard.

With all three steps done, all that’s left is to talk to Cyrus once more. That unlocks the Perfect Score ending.

Ending Four: Points Deducted

The fourth Noelle hangout ending thankfully doesn’t take long to unlock. Use the Hangout quest menu to skip straight to the start of the exam quest and intentionally fail one of the tests. It doesn’t matter which exam you botch.

With that, you’ll be sent to fight the Ruin Guard just like before. The difference here is that once you defeat it, you’ll notice that Noelle is a little beaten up over the failure back in town. Meet her back at the library to unlock ending four.

Ending Five: The One and Only Noelle

Unlocking ending five in Noelle’s second hangout quest requires a slightly less direct approach to her exam-related fears. Rather than getting some air or taking some additional tests, tell her to “imagine passing the exam.” This dialogue option will send you down the path to the final two endings.

Ending Five is another callback to her first Hangout event, where she mentioned emulating her Knights of Favonius superiors like Amber, Kaeya, and Jean.

You’ll soon end up following Noelle to Stormbearer mountains, where you’ll grab some Valberries, defeat some slimes, and help Noelle make Amber’s famous Baron Bunny. After defeating a few more monsters, suggest to Noelle that she “try to be like Jean.” This single dialogue option sends you down the path to Ending Five.

Talk to the NPCs back in Mondstadt to learn of a missing monocle, to which Glory, who’s sitting on a nearby bench, will have some additional information. Head up onto the rooftops to find the missing item beside a bird nest and you’ll be on your way to unlocking Ending Five.

Ending Six: Work Made for a Maid

Noelle Act II Hangout ending 6 route
Image used with permission by copyright holder

To unlock the final Noelle hangout ending, all you need to do is start the event at the part where Noelle makes a Baron Bunny.

After defeating the monsters, suggest to Noelle that she “try to be like Kaeya” rather than Jean. This will take you back to the tavern in Mondstadt, where Noelle will deal with a drunkard making a scene and fulfill her role as a maid by helping clear the tables on the first floor.

Once the deed is done, simply talk to the bartender to complete the quest, unlocking the Work Made for a Maid ending.

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