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Get the Most Out of Your PSP: Accessories

Sony’s PSP has been a smash hit in the gaming world. With tons of great features already built in, such as Wi-Fi and external storage, people are constantly looking to trick out their PSP so thatevery possible piece of technology available is in their grasp. From protecting your investment with a quality case to giving your PSP 4GB of storage, the range of options for customizing your systemis endless! We’re here to showcase 10 great accessories you’ll need to get the most out of your Sony PSP.     Proporta CaseAQuality Case – Proporta Clear Plastic Face Cover
Proporta is a little-known company that makes cases and accessories for all kinds of electronics. Little do most consumers know that Proporta makes the best cases out there. An indestructible,scratch-resistant, shatter-resistant case is essential for keeping your PSP around longer than a month. Proporta’s clear plastic PSP case is an inexpensive, quality solution for those who tend todrop things. You won’t need to worry about anything getting scratched or broken with this case. We put it to the test by throwing it on the ground, riding over it with a bike, dropping it out of aone-story window, and many other cruel endeavors. The PSP survived without a scratch and worked perfectly when we booted it up. – $15.65 USD   Datel 4GB HDDMaximum Storage – Datel 4GB PSP Hard Drive
The PSP isn’t just for games. You can store tons of movies, music, and mini-games on your Sony Memory Stick Duo. But who wants to carry around multiple Memory Sticks to keep their data with them? Incomes a solution: Datel’s huge 4GB hard drive for the PSP. Combined with their X2 battery, Datel really hits home by offering both huge storage and extended battery life for your PSP. You can getthis for around $169, which is a great deal, considering a 2GB Memory Stick Duo will cost about $125. Datel also includes software so you can transfer everything via USB and keep backups of your PSPdata. This hard drive is a must-have for those with big music collections or those who enjoy lots of movies on their PSP.– $169.00 USD   Nyko Theater ExperienceMultimedia Fun – Theater Experience for PSP by Nyko
When you’ve got your PSP jacked up with tons of movies, you’ll want to sit down and watch them. Maybe you’ve got a long plane ride ahead of you or you just want to sit on your bed and enjoy somegreat action flicks; if so, try the Theater Experience for PSP by Nyko, a complete sound system inside a sleek case for your PSP. Just dock your PSP inside the case and let Nyko take care of therest. You’ll be able to enjoy movie-grade sound and can recharge your PSP while watching a movie with the Theater Experience. It even includes dual headphone jacks so you and a friend can share afilm when traveling together. – $79.99 USD iPSPTransferring Your Media – iPSP by RnSK Softronics
If you’re trying to do more with your PSP than play games, you’ll probably want to throw some media on your system. iPSP is a great solution from RnSK Softronics that will convert movies and picturesto the proper format for viewing on your PSP. You can also easily manage your music library, movies, and other files with the easy-to-use UI the iPSP has. Not only does it have all this, it’savailable for both Mac OS X and Windows XP for just $20. The iPSP is highly recommended if you plan on doing anything other than gaming with your PSP. – $19.99 USD PSP Portable Battery GripFor the PS2 Fan – PSP Portable Battery Grip
Not everyone finds the PSP’s design charming and a lot of fans miss the feel of a Playstation 2 controller. Have no fear, because there is now a solution: the PSP Portable Battery Grip. Snap your PSPinto the controller and it will come alive. Get the feel of a PS2 controller with the portability of a PSP, and recharge your battery while you’re at it! This controller will add up to 6 hours ofbattery life to your system, keeping you in the game much longer. – $19.99 USD   PSP on TV Bigger is Better – PSP on TV
The PSP already has a big screen for a portable device. Not only that, it’s a beautiful LCD to look at and game on. However, not everyone has the best eyesight; some may require a bigger display. Incomes PSP on TV to save the day! PSP on TV is an easy-to-use display adaptor that attaches to your PSP and outputs the video to your television. Though it doesn’t use true dedicated video output,it’s an inexpensive and simple method for getting a bigger picture out of your PSP. PSP on TV is a great idea for gamers with worn-out eyes or for those who just want to share the gaming experiencewith others in the room. – $39.95 USD   Stack 'Em UpStack ‘Em Up – 12x UMD Storage Rack with LED
Here we have a great gift idea for the PSP fanboy in your life; this UMD storage rack holds up to 12 UMD discs for easy access. It features a great design, fashionable colors, and has an LED on topfor illuminating your late-night gaming sessions. At $8.99 it’s the best deal around, and this way you won’t lose your UMD cartridges when you throw them on your desk. – $8.99 USD   Extra Life!Extra Life– Bay Consumer Tank 1002 PSP Battery Pack
If you’re a hardcore gamer, chances are your PSP dies way before you’re finished playing with it. In comes the Tank PSP Battery Pack, ready to add a whopping 8.5 hours of extra play time to yourgaming experience. The Tank Pack drains its own battery first, then switches seamlessly to the internal PSP battery to allow you nearly unlimited and uninterrupted gameplay; if you play any longer,your eyes will take a serious beating! The Tank Battery Pack also includes a charger and stand for when your PSP is not in use. – $49.99 USD   Summit Wireless HeadphonesFree Your Ears – Summit Wireless PSP Headphones
Sick of the long, ugly set of earbud-style headphones that came with your PSP? Upgrade to a set of wireless PSP headphones from Summit! These sleek-looking headphones will wirelessly transmit yourPSP’s tunes and sounds to you via an FM tuner that attaches onto the top of your PSP. They not only look great, but come with a price that won’t set you back; at $15, you can’t beat the combinationof style and price you get with the Summit Wireless PSP Headphones. – $14.99 USD   MadCatz PSP Mobile KitOn the Road Again – Mad Catz PSP Mobile Kit
Some of us will spend long hours on the road, and to keep ourselves entertained we’ll probably go with the PSP. It does games, movies, and music, so why wouldn’t you stick with a great device likethis? To keep your PSP nice and fit, Mad Catz offers a complete mobile kit with accessories such as a case, screen protectors, a battery pack, and a car charger. You also get a USB charging cable,game cases, and some great wraparound headphones—everything you need to keep your PSP protected and powered when you hit the road. – $39.99 USD

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