Ghostbusters iOS game uses location data, coming this summer

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Here’s some pretty neat news for you mobile gaming fans. XMG Studio, the developer behind last year’s Inspector Gadget’s MAD Dash HD, is now working with another high-profile license for a game that is expected to see an iOS release this summer: Ghostbusters. The dev revealed the game at MacWorld last week (via TUAW), confirming that it would be a location-based adventure that requires players to bust ghosts in familiar locations.

Using a “Foursquare-sty;e service,” the game will place spirits in frequently visited locations. Players will use a GPS-style map to find the ghosts. Once you’ve closed in, the iPhone running the game will turn into a PKE meter, the fictional spirit-detecting gadget from the films. The more ghosts you bust, the more items and upgrades you’ll be able to obtain.

XMG hopes to bring some new ideas to the location-based gaming genre with its Ghostbusters game. A “soft launch” is expected in Canada sometime in the next few months, with a full release in North America targeted for June.