Giant game of pinball projected onto the side of French theater


Forget playing games on your giant HDTV, your laptop, or even your minuscule smartphone. This massive game of pinball has been taken to a whole new level and is played the way games were meant to be played…projected onto the side of building.

You read correctly. This monumental project is part of a demonstration at this year’s Fête des Lumières (Festival of Lights) at the Celestins Theater in Lyon, France. The gigantic game of pinball, called the Urban Flipper, was designed by Carol Martin and Thibaut Berbezier whose ambition was to project a giant game of pinball on the side of building.

To achieve their goal, both Berbezier and Martin utilized 3D mapping technology and set up a traditional consol near their projector so that individuals could partake in this epic game of Urban Flipper.

Now, we’ve come to respect the French as a stylish bunch, what with Paris being the fashion capital of the world and all, but our hats are unmistakably tipped at what these two have accomplished. Still, while we appreciate seeing a gigantic game of pinball adorning the side of a building, we’d be more impressed if they could get Call of Duty up there.