God of War IV rumored for September 2012 release

god of war iv rumored for september 2012 releaseAccording to a report from Games Radar, everyone’s favorite pasty-faced sociopath may be back on the PS3 as soon as next September. A retailer in New Zealand (a country that shares the same release dates on most games as North America) may have let the date accidentally slip when it listed God of War IV as available for pre-order with an estimated release date of September 2012. 

The source for the date is a bit on the sketchy side, but it all fits with everything else we’ve been hearing about a possible God of War IV. Besides, it is an oddly specific error to make. The retailer went so far as to display a fan-made logo mock-up for God of War IV. It seems odd that a retailer would randomly begin to prepare for God of War IV without a good reason to do so. Putting up adds for the next Call of Duty without even official confirmation that there will be another (pro tip: There absolutely will be) makes sense, as that game is released annually, but God of War IV hasn’t even been discussed by most.

Although Sony Santa Monica has yet to officially confirm that there will be a God of War IV, following the conclusion of the trilogy that ended with God of War III, the developer did say that despite the end of one storyline, Kratos still had plenty more mileage left in him.

Games Radar also points out that the Spike TV VGA Awards are coming soon. Last year several developers used the occasion to announce their new titles, including Sony, who debuted Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception for the first time. The timing would make sense, but we’ll have to wait until next month to see if that pans out.