God of War Saga review: All the God of War you can possibly handle

god of war saga reviewWithout question, one of the most visible and beloved franchises exclusive to Sony is the God of War series. There is just something loveable about the chain-wielding maniac named Kratos. Perhaps lovable isn’t quite right, but the character is certainly memorable and his visage has joined the pantheon of iconic heroes of gaming alongside legends like Mario, Sonic, and Lara Croft. And Sony knows it.

For those that haven’t played the games, or perhaps played some but not all five currently on the market, you have a new option: the God of War Saga.

Sony releasing another God of War collection is akin to when a movie studio releases the “Extended special ultra comprehensive final” version of a film collection to join the nine other collections of the movie already on the market (George Lucas has a lot to answer for). The games are all available for purchase separately, not to mention the two previous collections, but the God of War Saga collection is comprehensive.

Included in the bundle are: the God of War 1 HD re-release, the God of War II HD re-release, God of War III, a code for a downloadable copy of the remastered God of War: Chains of Olympus, and a code for the remastered God of War: Ghost of Sparta. You also receive a month of PlayStation Plus, and the games are 3D compatible.

God-of-War-Saga.If you are a fan of the series, then this collection is not for you. With the exception of God of War III, all of the games are available to download through PSN, plus they are available as part of existing collections, namely the God of War Collection that features the original PS2 games remastered into HD, and the God of War: Origins Collection that includes the two PSP games on disc, remastered for the PS3. So if you are a fan of the series, then this collection is likely to be redundant.

For those on the fringes of the God of War franchise, those who have only stuck their toes into the water that is the action series, now is the time to take the plunge. While this collection contains nothing new, it offers three of the best action console games ever made, along with two of the best handheld games ever released, and it does it all for $39.99. It is perhaps the best value buy for any console available, as long as your collection isn’t already flooded with God of War-y goodness.

god-of-war-saga reviewThe decision to release the PSP games as digital downloads is a bit odd, and likely a cost cutting decision to avoid having to print and release three blu-ray discs per package, and it will appeal to some while turning off others. If your PS3’s hard drive is filling up, adding two fairly hefty games is going to be tough. On the other hand, it means you will have access to those games at any time, so it comes down to personal preference. It also would have been nice to see some of this content migrate over to the Vita, but that may either be a technical issue — or perhaps they are destined for a modified re-release just as the Metal Gear Solid titles hit Vita minus Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. George Lucas would be proud.

If you are a God of War fan, this collection won’t offer you anything you probably don’t already have in your collection. If you don’t own the previous iterations and are looking for more bang for your buck, stop your looking and go buy this collection. Five games, all highly regarded, for under $40 is a no brainer, and will be the perfect primer to prepare you for the next offering in the series, God of War: Ascension, which releases on March 12 exclusively for the PS3.