Gold-plated Xbox One for Christmas, anyone?

gold plated xbox one christmas anyone

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With more and more billionaires choosing to set themselves down in London in recent years, it seems appropriate that a gold-plated Xbox One has turned up on the shelves of Harrods, one of the UK capital’s high-end department stores.

Priced at £6,000 ($9,780), it’s the kind of small change a London-based oligarch might find down the back of his sofa, though for the rest of us it’ll surely be a little on the pricey side.

Reddit user SirSyhn stumbled across the 24-karat console over the weekend, gleaming brightly beside one of the store’s many Christmas trees. There’s no mention, however, of a gold-plated Kinect or controller, though we assume they’ve also been given the bling-based makeover.

microsoft xbox one review console front face
The more familiar not-gold version.

Microsoft’s recently launched console, featuring a more mundane plastic casing and costing around $530 for a basic bundle, has been selling well since hitting stores in November.

The Redmond-based computer giant announced last week it’d already sold two million units globally, with many retailers unable to replenish stock fast enough, apparently.

The company is locked in a fierce sales battle with Sony, which also launched its PlayStation console last month, and, like the Xbox One, is reported to be selling well.

Of course, gold-plated versions of consumer gadgets are nothing new – just last week HTC showed off a gold One handset worth about $2,500, while earlier in the year Dubai’s Burj Al Arab hotel started offering guests 24-karat, gold-plated iPads, each valued at $10,000. If such gadgets appeal to your aesthetic sensibilities but their prices leave your wallet trembling, there’s always the more affordable ‘gold’ iPhone or Galaxy S4, right?

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