February’s PlayStation Plus games features beautiful indies Transistor and Apotheon

grab transistor rogue legacy playstation plus february

PlayStation Plus subscribers have a new selection of free games to choose from in February 2015, matching a range of tastes across all of Sony’s platforms.

Transistor (PS4)

This sci-fi action RPG utilizes a unique system of recombinable combat upgrades and tactical pausing and planning. What makes this follow-up from the creator’s of Bastion really stand out, though, is its gorgeous visuals and soundtrack, immersing you in a lush, Art Deco future.

Apotheon (PS4)

Take on the gods themselves in this Mythological Greek sidescrolling platformer. The visuals are based on the iconic style of ancient, black form Greek vases, giving this game a compelling and graphic aesthetic.

Yakuza 4 (PS3)

Brawl your way to the top of Japan’s criminal underworld in this action adventure GTA-like. Various minigames such as pachinko, training boxers, or scouting girls for the cabaret fill out the edges around this story of crime and revenge.

Thief (PS3)

Rule the night as Garrett, master thief in this reboot of the 1998 first-person stealth classic from Looking Glass Studios. Sneak, stab, and swipe your way through a shadowy, steampunk city in a quest for the most valuable loot.

Rogue Legacy (PS Vita/PS4/PS3)

You will die a lot in this procedurally generated platformer, but that’s ok, because your descendants will carry on your legacy. Every run through the castle is different, but the loot and gold you manage to snag before almost inevitably dying gets passed on to your children, who will hopefully make it a little further than you.

Kick & Fennick (PS Vita)

A young boy and a friendly robot team up to survive in a desolate world filled with not-so-friendly robots. This sci-fi adventure is an easy-going and family-friendly platformer.