Gran Turismo 5 due out November 24 (in theory)

gran turismo 5 due out november 24 in theory gt5

It is hard to claim that Gran Turismo 5 is “worth the wait”. After all, could any video game be worth a four year wait? In the time since GT5 was originally supposed to be released, Microsoft has released two Forza games, several arcade racers like Burnout and Need for Speed have hit the market, and several others like Project Gotham have been there to fill the void. It was a more primitive time, where we savages did not even know what an iPad was, and 3D technology was limited to movies about space stations and sharks. The world has changed since those forgotten days of ’06, so can GT5 possibly live up to its own hype?

Looks like we will find out on November 24, when the PlayStation3 exclusive is supposed to be released, according to Sony. Now, we have danced this dance with SCEA many, many, many times before. GT5 has been issued a release date, and we gamers happily drink the kool-aid before hearing that yet another delay has pushed back the release date. But it has been over four years worth of delays. Four. Years.

But things are actually looking good for the November 24 release. Earlier reports suggested that the game had already shipped, and that retailers were told to expect a November 30 debut, but it seems like– in one of the more ironic twists in recent video game news– Sony actually moved up the GT5 launch.

So once again, Gran Turismo 5 has a release date. In theory it will be out in North America and Europe on November 24, and in Japan the following day. Color us cautiously optimistic…