Grand Knights History for PSP won’t be released in English

grand knights history for psp wont be released in english gnh

The PlayStation Vita did one thing very well when it released in February: It let the PSP rest. The poor little brick was barely breathing outside of Japan, with a new game released abroad once every few months to a withering group of obsessives willing to play whatever bizarre Japanese RPG was tossed their way. It was a mercy after the PSP survived for eight long years. That doesn’t mean its demise was devoid of sadness though. The Vita’s arrival meant that some great PSP games would never make the transition into English. Vanillaware’s solid Grand Knights History is one of those games.

Publisher XSEED announced in September 2011 that it planned to release the lushly animated 2D RPG in the spring of 2012. The company issued an email on Wednesday saying that it will no longer be able to put the game out in English due to limited development resources.

There is a silver lining to the announcement though. Even though one Vanillaware game won’t make it to the U.S., Atlus announced in April that would help the developer finish and distribute its PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 3 crossover beat ‘em up Dragon’s Crown. That game was rumored to be cancelled in March.

Turn-based battles with dragons are out and bashing dragons in the face with a big axe alongside a large-breasted mage is in. There have been worse trades.