Grand Theft Auto 5 inches closer to Tetris on all-time best-sellers list

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If you are a gamer and haven’t purchased a copy of Grand Theft Auto 5, don’t worry: there are plenty of copies floating around. 32.5 million, in fact. Take-Two confirmed the numbers shipped since GTA V‘s release on September 17, 2013 in its latest investor meeting. That makes it the sixth best-selling game of all time, assuming all of those copies sell.

The number only denotes the number of copies shipped and not necessarily those sold, but the game is doing well regardless. Three days after it was released, Rockstar announced that the game had already earned $1 billion – a new record. During the investor meeting, Take-Two also revealed that net revenue for the company jumped to $1.86 billion in Q3 of its 2013 fiscal year, which ran from October 2013 through the end of the year, up from $415.8 million in 2012.

Even without GTA V, it was a good quarter for Take-Two. Helped by a recent Game of the Year edition, Borderlands 2 is 2K Games’ best-selling game of all time, with 8.5 million units sold to date. WWE 2K14 also sold well after being rescued from the now-defunct THQ according to the report, although an exact number wasn’t released.

NBA 2K14 was also a huge winner for the publisher, selling more than 5 million copies on multiple platforms since launch. In total, the franchise has sold 35 million units to date.

GTA V is moving its way up the list of best-selling games. It is rapidly catching up to Tetris on the Game Boy and Game Boy Color with 35 million, Mario Kart Wii with 35.26 million, and Minecraft with 36 million. The second best-selling game of all time, Super Mario Bros. for the NES, may be a bit out of reach with 40.24 million units sold. The best-selling game of all time, Wii Sports, has moved 81.99 million. Both of those games were packaged with consoles though, which is kind of like cheating.

So far GTAV has only been released on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. If it appears on PC (or rather when it appears on PC if the recent hints prove correct), that number should see a nice spike.