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‘Grand Theft Auto 5’ for PC coming ‘this fall,’ says Nvidia [UPDATED]

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Even though Rockstar has remained tenaciously tight-lipped about a possible port, it appears that Grand Theft Auto V may be released on PC after all. So far, only the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 have been confirmed as platforms for the new game. But according to an Nvidia financial call and a possible slip of the tongue that was picked up by Eurogamer, the game may be out on PC this fall.

“[PC] gamers are preparing their systems for a strong roster of games coming this fall,” Chris Evenden, senior director of investor relations for Nvidia, said in call to investors, “including blockbuster franchises such as Call of Duty: Ghosts, Grand Theft Auto 5, and Assassin’s Creed 4.”

While this isn’t conclusive by any means, it is the first solid hint that GTA5 will be heading to the PC. Rockstar has made no mention of a PC version of the game, which spurred over 315,000 people to sign a petition asking Rockstar to “Release GTAV on PC.”

Even with Rockstar going radio silent about it, there was always a good chance that GTA5 would be make it to PC. When Grand Theft Auto 4 was released in April of 2008 on PS3 and Xbox 360, a PC version followed, although it wasn’t until December. Rockstar’s last game, Max Payne 3, also featured a PC release, and it was delayed only two weeks. Of course, Red Dead Redemption never did make it to PC, so the petition wasn’t surprising.

Until Rockstar confirms a PC release though, this must still all be considered a rumor. Evenden may have been let a secret slip, or he may have just been thinking about the big releases coming this year and been assuming a PC version of GTAV. If he was correct, however, both about the release and the fall release, we should be hearing something soon from Rockstar.

[Update] In a statement made to VG247, Nvidia said that it had no knowledge of a GTA5 PC port:

“This statement was made with the intent of expressing enthusiasm for the games industry in general, and was not intended to represent specific knowledge possessed by NVIDIA. NVIDIA does not have information on any possible PC version release of Grand Theft Auto or its availability. We deeply regret the error.”

Looks like it’s back to the petitions. 

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