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'Gravity Rush 2' gets an anime film next week, with a demo out now

Gravity Rush - Overture (The Animation) Teaser Video | PlayStation
Gravity Rush 2 was pushed from its original December release date into January 2017, but Sony is still letting you experience more of Kat’s physics-defying story before the end of 2016. Gravity Rush — Overture, an animated film that takes place between the events of the first game and its sequel, arrives for free on YouTube next week.

Beginning next Monday, fans will be able to check out the film, produced by Studio Khara, which previously worked on the Persona 4 animation as well as Miyazaki’s masterpiece, The Wind Rises.

Overture features the character Raven alongside protagonist Kat. Previously seen in the original Gravity Rush, she will have an expanded role in the sequel and will be able to execute special combination attacks with Kat. Free DLC coming next March will give her a solo chapter, as well.

The teaser for the film is disjointed to protect against potential spoilers, but we do see a quick shot of Kat attacking a group of monsters known as the “Nevi.” The frame rate for the action looks substantially lower than what we see in the game — it looks more in line with contemporary anime, as opposed to Star Fox Zero — The Battle Begins, which used a hyper-smooth and slightly disorienting style.

But that’s not all. Starting today, you can download and play the Gravity Rush 2 demo for free on PlayStation 4. It’s designed for both newcomers and returning veterans, and has two different “paths” to better suit each type of player.

If you want more of Kat’s adventures before Gravity Rush 2 arrives, consider checking out Gravity Rush Remastered. The game translates the original Vita controls to the DualShock 4, using the same motion controls that made the portable game so much fun to play.

Gravity Rush 2 arrives exclusively to PlayStation 4 on January 20.

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