Griffin Unveils PSP Accessories

Griffin Technology, a developer of popular iPod accessories, yesterday branched out to another well selling portable device as it unveiled new accessories for Sony’s PlayStation Portable. The Griffin SmartShare PSP($14.99), iTrip PSP ($49.99) and iFM PSP ($49.99) are all available now.

The Griffin SmartShare PSP, the company said, is an audio splitter with adjustable volume control sliders on each output jack that allows two listeners to enjoy a PSP’s audio. The iTrip PSP, like its namesake for the iPod, attaches to the bottom of the PSP and broadcasts its audio to a user-selected, empty FM radio station on a nearby radio. The iFM PSP integrates FM radio tuning to the PSP’s feature set and offers features like digital auto station scan, six station presets and a pass-through port for connecting headphones.

All three PSP accessories are designed to compliment the portable gaming system’s black, industrial look.

“It’s obvious that the PSP is much more than a gaming machine,” said Paul Griffin, CEO of Griffin Technology, in a statement. “Since the PSP has proven itself as a great entertainment platform, we’re ready to apply our iPod innovations to the PlayStation.”