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GTA 5’s $500K payouts have begun, free DLC should soon follow

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Rockstar’s promised $500,000 apology for the problematic Grand Theft Auto Online launch has begun. Fans should expect to see the full $500,000 in their GTA Online bank accounts by Friday, November 8, according to Rockstar’s blog.

As far as apologizes go, it’s a generous one. Anyone that logged onto GTA Online during October automatically became eligible to receive the funds as a mea culpa from Rockstar due to a launch plagued by connectivity errors, stability issues, and deleted characters.

“Thanks go out to everyone for their continued patience and understanding while we worked through these issues, and we can’t wait to bring more into the world of GTA Online,” Rockstar posted.

Beyond making it difficult to play, the technical issues also delayed Rockstar’s unleash of GTA Online’s full potential. Several missions and mission-types were promised via free DLC, and were expected shortly after launch. Initially, the plan was to release the “Beach Bum Pack” with new vehicles and items, a Capture the Flag game mode, Heists, and a Content Creator within the first few weeks. 

Rockstar first announced the “stimulus package” plan on October 11, but said it would wait for the online issues to be completely fixed before giving out the digital cash. That seems to be the case, so the DLC should follow shortly. Microtransactions are also coming soon. So … yay?

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