GTA V screenshot gallery: Bi-planes, choppers and Lamborghinis, oh my

Though we still lack a solid release date for Grand Theft Auto V, Rockstar continues its slow, tantalizing trickle of information on the game with a new batch of four, never-before-seen screenshots. While these images don’t explicitly outline any of the game’s features, or reveal any crucial plot points, they do offer an interesting jumping off point for speculation on what we might see in Rockstar’s latest.

That bi-plane for instance, has already made an appearance in the first trailer Rockstar offered for its game, though we were concerned that it might have been a random fly-by, as opposed to a hint that GTA V will feature planes that players can fly. This image could be the same, though this increased focus on the plane itself leads us to assume it plays a more significant role in the game than simple background decoration.

With the key focus in any Grand Theft Auto title being swiping and driving fancy cars, two of those images are quite intriguing: Specifically that shot of the faux Lamborghini, and the image of that guy clinging to the side of a car-carrying semi truck. While we’ve got our fingers crossed that stealing a car from the back of a moving truck is an option in the game, even if it isn’t, we can still rest easy knowing that GTA V‘s fictional Los Angeles analogue is as populated with enticing vehicles to snatch as its real-world iteration.

As for the chopper, while we like the idea of firing automatic weapons at low-flying helicopters, it reminds us of the one big flaw in the GTA series to date: the gunplay. It’s always been a pain to aim weapons properly in Rockstar’s most popular series, so we’re keeping our fingers crossed that this last image indicates that the developers have finally nixed all the aiming issues and that in GTA V it’s entirely possible to take out a chopper by shooting its pilot in the head with an AK-47 from the top of a nearby watertower. Please Rockstar, don’t let us down on this one.