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‘Grand Theft Auto Online’ channels ‘Splatoon’ in its new Turf Wars mode

Rockstar has released a new batch of content for Grand Theft Auto V‘s multiplayer component Grand Theft Auto Online, including a new territory-capturing mode that bears an uncanny resemblance to Nintendo’s Wii U arena shooter Splatoon.

GTA Online‘s Turf Wars is a vehicular Adversary mode in which players must drive over tiles in order to claim them for their team. Claimed tiles are brightly colored and can be reclaimed by rival players over the course of each match, essentially turning the experience into Splatoon with cars … and rocket launchers.

Turf Wars is one of several new features included as part of GTA Online‘s larger “Import/Export” update, which is out now for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC platforms. After connecting to Rockstar’s servers and downloading the update, players will be able to access Import/Export missions that introduce new empire-building gameplay elements.

Import/Export missions present several new ways to earn money in GTA Online, as players can now steal expensive vehicles and outfit them with performance mods in order to fetch high resale prices on the black market.

“Purchase Vehicle Warehouses — below board properties to store, mod, and export cargo — then boost vehicles from throughout Los Santos and Blaine County to fill your new property,” Rockstar states. “Members of your Organization will be alerted to procurable targets; whether it’s a simple smash and grab of an unaccompanied Turismo R, a tactful party crash to steal keys and make a getaway, or an elaborate ploy to commandeer a police helicopter and use its on-board camera to source your vehicle — there is a huge new range of theft to profit from.”

Eight Special Vehicles make their debut as part of GTA Online‘s Import/Export update, including the BF Ramp Buggy, the MTL Wastelander, and the Imponte Ruiner 2000. Players who want to collect a full showroom can store up to 60 cars in GTA Online‘s new Executive Garages starting this week.

Collected cars can be driven in many tracks and modes for GTA Online, including the new Turf Wars mode. Players who compete in Turf Wars matches will receive double GTA$ and RP rewards through the end of the month.

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