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If GTA V did Battlefield 1, this is what it would look like

Remaking the trailers of other games and movies within Grand Theft Auto V has been something gamers have been doing ever since the anarchy simulator was released. So it’s no surprise that now that the recent trailer for Battlefield 1 created such a buzz, it’s been remade in GTA V too.

Okay so there’s SWAT armor, modern weaponry, and a few characters that we don’t think were alive during World War I, but Youtuber J57F has done a great job of recreating the trailer, shot for shot. There’s a crop-dusting callback to the airplanes of old, bombing runs, brutal hand-to-hand combat and even the iconic blimp shot at the end.

There are no horses admittedly, but there are motorbikes and willing riders, which is basically the same, right?

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Though this does take a lighthearted approach to the latest title in the Battlefield series, where DICE is taking us back to the past instead of further into the future, Battlefield 1 has received an impressive push from fans and critics alike. Unlike Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, which stacked up the most dislikes of any video on YouTube in just a few days, Battlefield 1 has seen more views, more likes and more interest from shooter fans.

While there are still many months ahead before either game releases, the early round in the regular brawl between two of the biggest FPS franchises in gaming is off to a good start, with EA and its DICE-developed title certainly taking first blood.

What do you think of the new Battlefield? Does heading back to World War 1 for the first time get you excited for the franchise, or did you want something a bit more like Infinite Warfare, which takes us into the realm of sci-fi, rather early 20th-century warfare?

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