The atomic blimp awaits you in the newly announced ‘GTAV’ bundles

GTA V Collectors EditionRockstar today announced the Special and Collector’s editions of Grand Theft Auto V, plus a pre-order bonus in the form of an in-game vehicle called the “Atomic Blimp.” It’s “the most iconic and leisurely aircraft in the Los Santos skies,” and it can only be piloted by players who pre-order the game.

The GTA V Special Edition is the lesser of the two limited editions, but still offers a healthy amount of content for fans. At $79.99, it includes a SteelBook case, a blueprint map of Los Santos and Blaine County, a regeneration boost for each character’s in-game special ability bar, extra challenges for the in-game stunt plane vehicle, bonus outfits and tattoos, special deals at in-game shops, and additional weapons (the Pistol .50, Bullpup shotgun, and melee hammer).

The $149.99 Collector’s Edition comes with everything included with the Special Edition, plus a unique outer box, a real life “security deposit bag” inspired by the in-game heists, a New Era hat with the Los Santos logo, classic GTA characters for Grand Theft Auto Online, and a special garage with custom vehicles (the “Hotknife” hot rod and CarbonRS sports bike in single player , and the Khamelion electric car in GTA Online).

Grand Theft Auto V pre-orders are available now, and the game will be released on PS3 and Xbox 360 on September 17.

So what do you think? Is all that worth $150?