Guess how much these SOLID GOLD PlayStation 4 and Xbox One controllers sold for

guess much solid gold playstation 4 xbox one controllers sold colorware controller

If you want to get in on this limited run of gold-plated PlayStation 4 and Xbox One controllers… well… sorry. You’re too late. The gold-plated gamepads were revealed last Wednesday and sold out by Sunday. At least you saved a few hundred bucks?

ColorWare, a producer of luxury, customized electronics, announced on its Facebook page that it would be producing 25 of each controller, plated in 25-karat gold. Each one sold for $300. That’s probably one to avoid throwing against the wall when a game leaves you frustrated.

Or it would be if you could buy one. The controllers are all gone now, and ColorWare’s had nothing to say about the possibility of producing more. This is a company that specializes in giving various gadgets and gizmos a paint job, so if these shiny, golden gamepads struck your fancy then you might want to browse over to the company’s website to see what else you can buy.