Guillermo del Toro Teams With THQ to Make Video Games

guillermo del toro teams with thq to make a video gamesGuillermo del Toro is a busy guy these days. After backing out of The Hobbit following multiple delays that began to threaten his future projects, del Toro is proving that the excuse of being “too busy” was extremely valid, and you can soon add video game maker to an impressive — and rapidly expanding — resume.

This week has already seen the release of a trailer for the movie Don’t be Afraid of the Dark that del Toro co-wrote and is producing, he recently announced that he would be writing and producing a remake of Disney’s The Haunted Mansion, and according to, he has 10 more projects in pre-production as well as another in post-production. Plus, with The Hobbit off his plate, the path might be clear for him to begin work on Hellboy III. And now, on top of all that, the LA Times is reporting that del Toro is in the final stages of negotiations with THQ to begin making video games for the publisher.

The deal is not finalized, so THQ has yet to confirm or deny specific details, but del Toro has confirmed that an official announcement is coming in the next few weeks at the latest.

No word on what del Toro might develop, or how involved he will be, but THQ restructured several departments earlier this year and has said that it will begin to produce more ambitious games while further developing existing possibilities. One indication of this came when the company recently announced a deal with the TV channel SyFy, which will begin with the TV movie, Red Faction: Origins. If the movie is a success, it will act as a pilot for a future TV series based on the Red Faction franchise.

Once the deal is finalized, THQ will likely send out a press release detailing what to expect from the partnership.