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Weekend plans: ‘Gwent’ comes to PS4 for the first time with open beta

GWENT: THE WITCHER CARD GAME || Announcement Trailer
CD Projekt Red revealed an open beta for Gwent: The Witcher Card Game on PlayStation 4 will begin March 31. The beta will be free to download for everyone who has access to the PlayStation Store, regardless of PlayStation Plus subscriber status.

Participants will have the opportunity to build a deck, go through the tutorial, and play in casual online matches throughout the weekend beta. Gwent went into closed beta for Xbox One and PC in October, but this marks the first time PS4 players will get their hands on the card-battler — outside of playing it within The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Serving as a technical beta, CD Projekt Red wants to get as many users as possible on the servers at one time to see how well the game can handle the traffic.

Besides the constrained time allotment, the PS4 open beta will run a bit differently than the Xbox One and PC closed betas. Players won’t have access to the in-game store, meaning that Card Kegs won’t be available. Additionally, your account will be wiped after the beta.

On Xbox One and PC, Card Kegs and other in-game items and perks are open, and players can play in either casual or ranked modes. Those betas show no sign of ending anytime soon as updates have been added regularly since launch.

A constant internet connection is required to play the open beta, as well as 3GB of storage space.

This might be the only chance for PS4 players to join the Gwent party before the game officially launches. It’s still unclear when the game will exit beta, but it sure seems as if CD Projekt Red believes the game is getting close to prime time with the open beta.

Since CD Projekt Red is located in Europe, beta starting and stopping times may sound a bit odd for North American users. The closed beta on PS4 runs from 1 p.m. ET on March 31 until 2 a.m. ET April 3.

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