Hackers hit Eidos’ website, steal email addresses and resumes

Following the not quite auspicious trail blazed by Sony, Eidos–developer of the upcoming Deus Ex: Human Revolution–has confirmed that hackers have attacked the company’s website and stolen 25,000 email addresses and 350 resumes, according to a report from Joystiq.

Eidos, a subsidiary of Square-Enix, confirmed that the hackers attacked the Eidosmonteal.com website and were able to access user data for the Deus Ex: Human Revolution website. That gave the hackers access to the email addresses of those that signed up to the website. They were then able to take the 350 resumes which had been submitted by job applicants to Eidos.

“We immediately took the sites offline to assess how this had happened and what had been accessed, then took further measures to increase the security of these and all of our websites, before allowing the sites to go live again.” The company told Joystiq.

The real identity of the hackers hasn’t been confirmed, but whoever it was did leave a calling card that read “Owned by Chippy1377” which listed the name of several hackers. This could, of course be misdirection. The website Eurogamer did manage to speak with one of the hackers implicated, who claims that the hack was perpetrated by a rival group looking to frame those listed.

Eidos does not hold any credit card information, and while the theft of the email addresses may be annoying, the real problems may stem from the resumes. Almost all resumes contain a significant amount of personal information, which is now in the hands of unknown people.

“Regrettably up to 350 of these resumes may have been accessed, and we are in the process of writing to each of the individuals who may have been affected to offer our sincere apologies for this situation. In addition, we have also discovered that up to 25,000 email addresses were obtained as a result of this breach. These email addresses are not linked to any additional personal information.”

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