Half-Life 2 confirmed for Xbox

“Yes, we’re also working on an Xbox version, though not releasing any specific details on that until after E3,” says Mr Lombardi.

This doesn’t rule out versions on other consoles – it seems unlikely that AreaXbox would have asked about PS2 or GameCube versions – but given the difficulty of porting the title to those platforms, we’d suspect that the Xbox will be the only console to see Half-Life 2.

That said, if Valve wants to enter into the lucrative engine licensing business with its homegrown Source Engine, then it would certainly help to have PS2 and Cube versions of the engine knocking about. This decision may eventually come down to a question of whether the other consoles – the aging PS2 in particular – are capable of pushing out the sort of graphics HL2 is promising.

Source: Gameindustry.biz