Modders have fashioned a groovy gravity gun for Grand Theft Auto V

The gravity gun was one of the most iconic parts of the Half Life series after its introduction in the second game, and though we may never see it wielded by Gordon Freeman again, we can at least play with something similar in GTA V. Yes, thanks to modders, the PC version of the latest Grand Theft Auto game has its own gravity gun, though it doesn’t look quite as impressive as Gordon’s.

Dressed like a taser, the animation-free ‘gravity gun’ is able to pick up people, cars and other inanimate objects and both lift them to, and drop them from, various heights. It can also shoot them off into the distance, doing untold destruction on their way.

Created by mod-developer MatriZ, the new hardware has been used to creative effect to fire people over buildings, hold them underwater until they drown, and of course, to channel John McClane and launch police cars right into circling helicopters.

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The only requirements for the mod are that you have a working copy of GTA V and have Script Hook V installed. From there you install the mod like you would any other, by copying the .asi file into the GTA V folder, and away you go. Be careful though, as there are some reports of people being banned for playing with mods (via Kotaku) – presumably when trying to connect online with them installed.

Granted it’s not a bug-free experience, given that whatever is being held will sometimes disappear from existence before reappearing again, still held firmly by the gravity gunner. But that’s half the point of mods — they aren’t always going to be perfect.

Which is probably why Valve decided to pull the plug on its paid mod program.