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Someone made Playable Quidditch in Halo 5

HALO 5 QUIDDITCH | FUN Mini Game by XxHugabearXx
One Harry potter fan has recreated Harry Potter’s magical sport Quidditch in Halo 5: Guardians.

Halo Forge user xXHugabearXx created a custom Grifball level and game mode to emulate the game, which involves flying on broomsticks across a field and throwing balls through the opposing team’s hoops, which are high in the air, while avoiding aggressive defenders. Though players use jetpacks instead of broomsticks, the rules of the Halo 5 Quidditch game are very similar to the original. Players score three points for throwing the ball through one of the opposing team’s hoops, and one point for killing an opposing player with a gravity hammer. First team to 15 points wins. There is no version of the Golden Snitch in this version. There are also no assigned positions, though teams could potentially assign them on their own.

In fact, one might argue this version might even surpass the real-life version of Quidditch, which has accrued a cult following among Harry Potter fans on college campuses. While the IRL version of Quidditch emulates the version of the novel more faithfully — according to U.S. Quidditch, a non-profit organization which offers standardized rules for the game — the Halo 5 version offers a certain amount of intensity and superhuman wonder the original just can’t achieve.

Modders seem to have a penchant for adapting games for Halo 5 multiplayer. Since 343 released its Forge modding tools in December, players have created their takes on Rocket League and a Star Wars podracing analogue, among others. This mod comes almost two weeks after developer 343 Industries added Grifball to Guardians, a cult-favorite mode that’s been in the series since Halo 3, in a downloadable update.

Players looking for Quidditch in Halo 5: Guardians should search for the level “Quidditch Arena” and the game mode “Quidditch.”

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