Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary adds AI marines to Firefight mode

Halo Combat Evolved

343 Industries‘ Frank O’Connor, formerly of Bungie, has hinted that the upcoming HD re-release, Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, will add a new feature to the game’s Firefight mode, something that fans have been waiting for. Now we know what that feature is.

A new press release from Microsoft reveals that the game’s lone Firefight map — called Installation 04 — features AI marines that will fight alongside the mode’s one to four players. That map is playable at Halo Fest this weekend, along with the multiplayer maps Timberland, Prisoner, Damnation and Beaver Creek. Halo Waypoint users can start up the Xbox Live app and get a glimpse of these now in a newly released behind-the-scenes video.

It’s also been confirmed that the game will include a stereoscopic 3D mode, and that the previously announced incoming update for Halo: Reach would add some significant upgrade. The biggest? The return of Halo: CE‘s beastly pistol in Reach and Anniversary‘s multipalyer modes.

The update will also allow those Xbox 360 owners with no hard drive to take advantage of Campaign and Firefight matchmaking, as they previously required one. In less awesome news, the update will also change some of the game’s equipment; Armor Lock’s damage threshold is now based on your soldier’s remaining energy and Active Camo has had its duration decreased and its ability to block swords attacks with weapons other than a sword removed.