Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary trailer teases newly enhanced terminals

Halo Combat Evolved

Terminals have a legacy in the Halo series extending all the way back to the pre-Master Chief days of Bungie‘s Marathon. Finding them all in Halo 3 unlocked an Achievement, but the text-based presentation could’ve been improved upon. Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, the HD-enhanced November 15 re-release of the first game in the series, will do just that.

In the newly updated game, which actually runs two engines simultaneously to allow players to switch between the old graphics and the new ones with the press of a button, accessing a terminal will take you to an animated cutscene that fills in more of the back story in the Halo universe. If there are any nods to what players can expect from Halo 4 in Anniversary, expect to find them there. It’s a safe bet too that you probably can expect to find them there.

Check out what the terminal cutscenes will look like in this newly released trailer from Microsoft and series lead 343 Industries below.