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Halo Infinite’s Tenrai event is back, but tweaked based on feedback

Halo Infinite‘s Fracture: Tenrai event is back after debuting in November. It’s the first time players will be able to access the event’s timed, samurai-themed battle pass with Halo Infinite‘s new set of event-specific challenge changes. However, another post on Halo Waypoint detailing just how the event is going to be different this time around signals that the changes might not make much of a difference for the game’s dedicated players.

Halo Infinite | Fracture: Tenrai Returns

As promised, Halo Infinite‘s Tenrai event is going to have more challenges for players to complete and progress through its battle pass. Events like Tenrai come with their own challenges that are mixed in with the game’s normal daily challenges, prompting players to complete one set instead of another to work their way through the timed battle pass. The first time Tenrai went live though, there were only enough challenges to complete seven of the event’s 30 battle pass levels.

Addressing that issue, 343 has added enough challenges for players to earn 10 levels of the battle pass, though that still means that players will have to wait until the Tenrai event comes around two more times to earn all of its cosmetics. Likewise, another adjustment ensures that players will always have at least one Event Challenge available so they don’t have to work through daily challenges to one they actually want.

Finally, 343 has changed the content of the pass overall. Responding to complaints that much of the Tenrai battle pass consisted of challenge swaps and XP grants, the developer has removed those items in favor of more cosmetics. The new cosmetics added to the Tenrai battle pass were originally planned to be added to the game’s in-game store, but players will instead be able to earn them by simply playing the game.

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