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Halo Infinite is getting some serious progression changes

Since its launch, players have had an issue with Halo Infinite‘s progression system. They weren’t leveling up fast enough and XP was being doled out based on winning or losing matches and completing challenges, not performance like past entries in the franchise. While developer 343 Industries has tackled some of these issues, a new blog post on Halo Waypoint revealed that it has much larger changes for the game’s progression in motion.

Halo Infinite | Season 2 Announce - Lone Wolves

In the post, which 343 described as a second part to last week’s Outcomes report, the developer goes over its plans for Halo Infinite that stretch beyond the game’s second season of content. Namely, the post includes announcements that the developer is working on both a “career progression” system as well as a shift in how XP is paid out after matches. The career progression system would be separate from the battle pass that players currently progress through, though players won’t see it any time soon. The feature is currently “in the design phase” and will “take some time.” Based on the studio’s vague description though, it seems like multiplayer ranks from past Halo titles may be reappearing in Halo Infinite.

Players’ feedback on XP being doled out based on performance has also been taken into account at 343. Currently, the only ways to progress through Halo Infinite‘s battle pass are to complete in-game challenges or complete a match. How many kills a player gets or how long they play an objective doesn’t come into account. According to 343, that will change when per-match XP launches sometime this year.

It’s not clear when these changes or any of the others listed in today’s post on Halo Waypoint, will be implemented, though they’ll probably arrive after the start of Halo Infinite‘s second season. Titled Lone Wolves, Season 2 of Halo Infinite will introduce a suite of balance changes as well as two new maps to the game.

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