Halo: Reach “Remember Reach” Webisodes Debuts

halo reach remember webisodes debuts

It was announced the other day that Microsoft was planning on spending record breaking amounts of money on the promotion of Halo: Reach, but this is bordering on ridiculous.

Microsoft has begun to debut a new series of websiodes called “Remember Reach”. Set immediately before the Covenant invades the planet Reach, the webisodes will give a look at life for the civilians on the planet when war finds them.

Each will be part of a longer clip that will act as a mini-movie that will serve as a lead-in to the game. This clip also connects with the earlier live-action clip “Patrol”, and while it isn’t clear how many more websiodes there will be, you can expect more.  This webisode is the second live-action clip for Halo: Reach to debut this week. The other, “Delivering Hope“, is a standalone live-action video.

Kinda makes you wonder why they didn’t just give Peter Jackson the money to make his version of the Halo movie. Oh, right, it would have cost nearly $185 million, roughly $155 million more than the studio was offering. But, better no movie then a terrible one. Until Hollywood decides to take a chance (an awesome chance), these clips may be the closest thing we will get a live action Halo movie.

Whether you like the videos or not, you have to respect the beating that the Halo: Reach advertising is putting on the competition. Call of Duty: Black Ops may have Eminem, but does it have live action battles with soldiers destroying alien motherships,  exclusive clips of the origins of the supporting characters, or clips dedicated to the life of average civilians before the fighting began?  Probably not, although Black Ops won’t be released until November 9.  The ball is in your court, Activision…