Halo: The Fallen fan film offers an impressive look at early battle with the Covenant

halo the fallen fan film offers an impressive look at early battle with covenantWe’re not exactly sure why the Halo universe seems to bring out the best in amateur filmmakers, but truth be told, we’d rather celebrate that fact instead of over-analyzing it. The latest addition to the list of surprisingly good fan-made Halo movies is Halo: The Fallen, a four-minute flashback to one soldier’s first encounter with the Covenant.

Directed, produced, and written by Xerxes Sangco, Halo: The Fallen is narrated by a veteran of the Human-Covenant War and features some gorgeous CGI for the aliens as well as the weaponry and the soldiers’ dropship.

According to the film’s YouTube page, the Halo: The Fallen was “completed on a personal budget of less than $200 and filmed on the Canon T3i and Sigma lens.” It was made to showcase the crew’s technical talents — and if you ask us, it does a very good job at that. The Covenant alone appear to be professional-level digital creations.

Oh, and for those trying to place the film in the Halo chronology, the Facebook page for The Fallen indicates that the events “took place September 19th, 2552 during the ‘Battle of Installation 04’.”