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'Halo Wars 2' has a new leader and she is all about using fire

In a game like Halo Wars 2, a lot of the fun comes from exploring and perfecting the various leaders and their abilities. Eventually, gamers might be wanting more. This is when players look toward additional content in order to ensure that the game doesn’t grow stale.

The first of many DLC characters has been released for Halo Wars 2 and with it comes a fierce new ally named Lt. Colonel Morgan Kinsano. And with her comes an army of incendiary units and game-changing abilities.

What sets Kinsano apart is her lack of discipline compared to other UNSC officers. She fights on the field inside her personalized flame cyclones with a focus on destructive fire damage. Enemy infantry and structures quickly fall before her command. Yet, she remains vulnerable to aerial assaults.

Halo Wars 2 Kinsano Launch Trailer

Joining Kinsano are some new infantry. The classic Warthog has received a new twist. By replacing the chaingun with a flamethrower, the Flame Warthog now specializes in close-range combat. To keep it from appearing weak, this hog features a tougher structure than the traditional vehicle. An upgraded version is also available. Dubbed the Veteran Flame Hog, it has increased damage resistance and an incendiary grenade launcher.

Warthogs aren’t the only thing getting alterations. Veteran Hellbringers come at a high cost for their attack power and resiliency. They are especially helpful at fighting enemy infantry.

On top of new units, Kinsado also features a number of new abilities. Her Helldrop takes the classic drop to a new level. Drop pods rain down and open in a blast of fire. Any enemies who survive are burnt to a crisp by an accompanying squad of Hellbringers. Additional abilities include Hellcharge, Napalm Missiles, Inferno, and more. As their names suggest, they all unleash a devastating attack of fire and explosives.

The Kinsano add-on is available right now on both Xbox One and Windows 10. Anyone with the Halo Wars 2 season pass can download it now. Otherwise, it sells on its own for $6. From this point forward, players should expect additional content to drop every month including more leaders and campaign missions.

Additionally, all players will receive a new patch that fixes a number of bugs and improves the balance. Further details on the patch are on Waypoint.

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