Here’s almost all the new gear, missions, and more in Destiny’s second DLC, House of Wolves

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Destiny‘s second expansion, House of Wolves, doesn’t have an official release date (rumors suggest it’s out on March 10. 2015), but the savvy fan community has managed to dig up a bunch of details on what shape it takes. Before we go any further, take note that none of this is actually confirmed and any or all of it might be subject to change.

That said, we just got back from CES week in Las Vegas, and in the spirit of all the gambling that happened… we’d say that the broad strokes you see here (at the very least) are a safe bet.

A 4chan user put together a graphic (via Reddit) that summarizes everything known, complete with what appear to be in-game thumbnail previews of all the items listed. This includes all raid weapons and armor, all exotic weapons and armor, all legendary armor and class items available from the Tower vendor, and all ships, plus a few other bits and pieces that we’ll look at individually. It should be noted that the image doesn’t include any non-raid legendary weapons. That doesn’t mean there won’t be any in House of Wolves, but no one’s discovered anything yet.

There are also three sections that don’t relate to gear. One, labeled “Banks,” lists Shader Collection, Ship Collection, and Special Emblem Collection, which suggests that House of Wolves will expand the in-game vault — which lets you share gear between your own characters — to include these three new storage silos (shaders, ships, and emblems are all stored in the same place right now).

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A Crucible section focuses on House of Wolves‘ competitive multiplayer mode additions. Four new maps are coming — Thieves’ Den (Venus), Black Shield (Phobos), Widow’s Court (Earth), and The Timekeeper (Mars) — as well as some new hardcore mode variants that appear to connect to each of Destiny‘s three Crucible factions.

Finally, an “Activity” section runs through all of the additions to the PvE side of the game in House of Wolves. Here’s where the spoiler-averse should take note: The list includes quest descriptions for each of the three story quests, as well as the new Strike and the new Raid. For those that would rather just know the raw stats, read on and don’t enlarge the image below.

In terms of raw numbers, you’re looking at three new story missions, one new Strike, and one new Raid. Much like The Dark Below DLC and its “Crota’s Bane Reputation” rankings earned from completing Eris Morn bounties, it looks like Wolves follows suit with a new “Reef Bounty” system. The DLC also adds a new level 28 “Vanguard Dragon” option to the Strike Playlists menu (a space is already reserved for it in the game right now).

There are plenty more details for eagle-eyed fans to pore over, and you can do just that by checking out this imgur link (or the Reddit source link at the top). All of this info was compiled by the image’s creator, MattWGordon, and pulled out of data mined by the communities at DestinyTracker, DestinyDB, and DestinyPlanet.