Here’s how Sony is apologizing for the Christmas PlayStation Network outage

PlayStation 4 PS4 20th Anniversary logo angle
Sony has some freebies to offer as an apology to those PlayStation users that were inconvenienced by the DDoS attacks that brought down PlayStation Network (and Xbox Live) on Christmas Even and in the several days that followed. The details come from a new PlayStation Blog post.

All PlayStation Plus subscribers get an extra five days added to their subscription automatically, provided they were members — paid or via a free trial — when the outage occurred. In addition, all PSN users, Plus subscribers and otherwise, will be getting a coupon code good for 10-percent off on a PlayStation Store purchase of any size.

In both cases, the freebies aren’t active yet. There’s no timetable for the five-day extension, only the promise that additional information will be shared on PS Blog once it’s available. Sony will also notify those users whose membership or free trial ends before the extension is live.

The discount, on the other hand, should be available “sometime this month.” It’s a “limited time” coupon code that can be applied to a total cart purchase of anything in the PS Store, games and otherwise.

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