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Here’s how to unlock the Will of Crota Strike in Destiny’s new Dark Below DLC

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Destiny‘s first downloadable content pack, The Dark Below, is here. In it are three story missions, a Strike (two if you’re on PlayStation 4), a six-player raid, and all manner of new loot. Just about all of that content is accessible from moment one, provided you enter the DLC as a level 30 character. The story missions play out one after the other, but the raid is open immediately if you’re a level 30 and a good chunk of the new gear is available for purchase in the Tower.

The Will of Crota Strike, however, is locked away behind the condition of completing a set of specific tasks for Eris Morn, the DLC’s quest-giver in the Tower (this is the main Strike; the PS4-exclusive one, The Undying Mind, is available immediately). Finishing the story missions isn’t enough, either, though that’s part of it.

There’s a process to unlocking The Will of Crota. It’s not hard, but the last bit can be a little tricky if you’re not familiar with the names of various locations on Destiny‘s Cosmodrome/Earth Patrol map. That’s okay. We’re going to walk you through this, step by step, with video directions for the final bits.

Step 1: Visit Eris Morn

First thing to do is head to the Tower and pay a visit to Eris Morn. You can find her directly to the left of where you spawn, right next to the walkway leading to Tower North (where the Speaker’s chamber is). She’s pretty hard to miss just standing there.

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Interact with Eris to get The Dark Below‘s first story mission. Finish that and repeat the process twice more to knock out all three story missions. They’re relatively easy to run through solo, and players at level 29/30 should ratchet up the difficulty to hard for some bigger rewards, including rare crafting materials.

Step 2: Kill lots of Hive

Return to Eris again after you finish the story missions and she has a pair of new tasks for you to complete (as well as a nifty, new legendary Fusion Rifle!). One asks you to obtain an “Urn of Sacrifice” from Xur, Destiny‘s weekend-only vendor. You can safely ignore that one for now; it’s not a factor in unlocking The Will of Crota.

The second task, which asks you to “Kill 25 Hive Knights or Wizards,” is key. This is an easy one to complete. Just about any of the moon’s story missions involving the Hellmouth pit you against an adequate number of Hive, as do the Dark Below story missions you just completed. The moon’s strike, The Summoning Pits, is also loaded with Hive. And if you really, really don’t want to complete this task by running a mission, just cruise through the Hellmouth in Patrol mode.

Whichever option you go with, it shouldn’t take very long.

Step 3: Track down Crota’s body parts

Once you hand in the “Kill 25” task, Eris gives you three new ones: Heart of Crota, Hand of Crota, and Eyes of Crota. This is where the hassle comes in if you’re not familiar with Earth’s named locations. Each bounty involves heading to Earth in Patrol mode, proceeding to a specific location, and killing the special Hive mob that spawns there.

Destiny - Dark Below 3

We’ll tackle these in order. The Heart of Crota is located just before the room where you fight off waves of Fallen and Hive in the first part of the Earth Strike. From where you spawn in The Steppes, head into and through the Dock 13 building to get to The Divide, then through that area to reach the Rocketyards (where the Earth Strike begins).

Travel to the opposite end of the Rocketyards and head through the door that you would in the Strike, then past the Fallen and Hive that are fighting and down the stairs to reach the target room. Stay left as you reach the bottom of the stairs and the kneeling Hive Acolyte you seek should be immediately visible as you walk through the door.

See here:

The Hand of Crota is located in the darkened room that you pass through on your way to fight your first wizard in the story mission The Dark Within (the one that was originally home to the “That wizard came from the moon!” dialogue). To get there, travel from The Steppes where you spawn to the adjacent Mothyards, and head into the building with the large satellite dish on top of it (the Lunar Complex).

Follow the linear path through the building until you reach the dark room and clear out the Hive that you find there. It’s possible to leave them be and go straight for your target, but you’ll have to take out all the Hive in the room one way or another. Better to clear out the ones that normally spawn there before triggering the Hand’s mob.

The kneeling Thrall you need is tricky to spot at first. If you clear everyone else out, you should be able to just follow the red marker on your radar. But for reference, the Thrall is at the opposite end of the room from where you enter, in the right-hand corner tucked behind some machinery (sneaky little bastard).

See here:

Finally, the Eyes of Crota is located right near the spot where the story mission The Last Array ends. It’s the furthest out from Cosmodrome’s initial spawn of the three “Crota” tasks Eris assigns you. Using the directions above for the Hand of Crota, but proceed past the darkened room, up the stairs, through the next large room where Fallen and Hive are fighting, and down a set of hallways to reach Skywatch. This is where the infamous Loot Cave was.

The building just above the Loot Cave is the Terrestrial Complex, your final destination. Keep following the linear path through the complex until you reach a large, outdoor platform. The kneeling Knight is here, and it’s in front of a glowing urn. Take out the Knight along with the rest of the Hive that spawn, then interact with the urn.

See here:

Once you get a task completion pop-up, head back to Eris, turn in your three Crota tasks, and The Will of Crota unlocks.

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