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Hilarious Destiny 2 usernames are getting some attention on Twitter

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep is now available, and while most players are busy exploring the game’s new secrets and progressing in its campaign, others are far too enamored by their fellow players’ names to make much progress. A Twitter account has been set up to showcase the best and funniest of the Destiny 2 usernames, and there are some real winners to be found.

Launched in October, the Destiny 2 Names account allows players to submit their favorite names for publication, provided that they don’t contain particularly offensive material. As anyone who has played an online game knows, a particularly funny username can even take your mind off the game long enough to make a mistake. We rounded up some of our favorites — including some that make use of the game’s user interface for their jokes.

@destiny2names suprised no one's done this yet

— Be Quiet, Owen (@newpantswhodis) October 7, 2019

Simple, yet effective, this name uses the Future War Cult faction logo to spell out its full off-color joke. Is this player likely to get reported? Yes, but they can go out knowing they did their best.


— Diogo Freire (@DioMF) October 7, 2019

What do you get when you combine Vin Diesel’s most iconic character with an ice cream treat made famous by Edgar Wright’s movies? This character, apparently, who we’re guessing is playing the game from either Los Angeles or London.


— NovaMorphine (@NovaMorphine) October 7, 2019

This player better hope the price of chicken nuggets never changes, or they’ll have to update their name, as well. $1.79 isn’t even a particularly good price, either.


— Off-Brand Brandon (@dropkickpikachu) October 7, 2019

We’re not sure exactly why, but we have a craving from some Swedish meatballs right about now, and we’ll eat them in comfort.


— Prostate Puncher (@DeathReveals) October 6, 2019

This player isn’t messing around, getting perfect motion controls to line up some sick headshots. We don’t envy who has to go up against them in the Crucible.


— The Skeleton Haver (@airplane_flight) October 7, 2019

And last but not least, we couldn’t believe that the late Randy Savage had returned to the world of the living for the latest Destiny 2 expansion. After his adventures in Skyrim, we knew that he would be a video game legend forever.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep is now available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. For the first time, the PC version is exclusive to Steam, and it will also come to Google Stadia in the future.

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