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Assassins, heed the call: ‘Hitman 2’ launches this fall, pre-order bonus now live

After a series of subtle clues and a leak, Warner Bros. Games and IO Interactive have officially announced Hitman 2 during a livestream. The game, which will be the first true sequel in the series thus far, launches November 13 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

The biggest difference between Hitman 2 and its predecessor is that IO has dropped the episodic format. The full game will launch as one package, but the developers promised that the post-launch model of Hitman will remain, so expect a bunch of additional targets and missions after launch.

Hitman 2 picks up right where the last game ended. Agent 47 and Diana will continue their pursuit of the enigmatic Shadow Client and seek to dismantle his dangerous militia one target at a time. According to the press release, Agent 47 will also learn about his past during the journey, and it sounds as if it will have major repercussions.

The reveal trailer showed off one of the early missions set in Miami. Your task is to eliminate a race car driver on the last day of an endurance race across the streets of Miami. From the looks of the trailer, the level might have the most number of pedestrians we’ve ever seen in a sprawling Hitman level. Thanks to updated stealth maneuvers, Agent 47 can hide within large crowds to keep his cover.

Another welcome feature, which will surely delight fans of the sniper rifle, is Agent 47’s briefcase. You can break down and transport a sniper rifle and other long guns much more easily now without having to worry about someone seeing it. The briefcase can also hold other items. New items that can be used to take out enemies in less conventional ways include a fire extinguisher, a large fish, a bust statue, measuring tape, and a muffin (probably poisonous, don’t eat it).

Hitman 2 also brings online co-op into the fray in a new mode called Sniper Assassin. You and a friend will be tasked to eliminate three targets. Although the mode was built for co-op assassins, you can play it solo as Agent 47 as well.

Sniper Assassin sounds like a great new addition to the Hitman formula, and you can play it today if you pre-order Hitman 2. All of those who pre-order Hitman 2 will receive access to Sniper Assassin in 2016’s Hitman right now.

Hitman 2 will be available in four different editions: Standard, Silver, Gold, and a Collector’s Box. Pre-orders of the Gold edition or Collector’s Box grant four days early access to Hitman 2. For full details on what comes with each edition, check out this handy chart.

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