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Free ‘Hitman’ Christmas mission lets you give the worst present of all

The greatest Christmas present of all time is the Nintendo 64. Agreed? And now, the worst Christmas present of all time is being assassinated by Agent 47 — and Hitman will let you offer this gift to your enemies for free later this month.

Beginning on December 13, anyone who owns any Hitman mission will be able to play the new “Holiday Hoarders” mission absolutely free. The event takes place within the existing Paris location — if you haven’t played it, it’s among the funniest missions in the game — during the holiday season, and features two thieves stealing Christmas presents from attendees.

“As Agent 47, it’s your job to stop them, for good,” according to the official announcement. “If you are able to get to the presents first, feel free to open them and use whatever you find inside to help eliminate these two sticky bandits.” We seriously doubt there’s a Nintendo 64 inside.

You’re free to complete the mission dressed in your standard suit and tie, but “Holiday Hoarders” also gives you the chance to murder your targets as Santa Claus. “He sees you when you’re sleeping” takes on a whole new, horrifying meaning.

Though the mission is free, Square Enix is asking fans to donate to the World Cancer Research Fund this month. Donations can be made in both British pounds and U.S. dollars, and the fund’s website noted that a $25 donation will allow a scientist to spend an entire day studying the biology of cancer.

Three other updates will be rolling out to Hitman in December. A “Master Sniper Challenge” pack adds five new challenges in the Sapienza location, and two new “elusive targets” will come to Sapienza and Bangkok. Saienza will also get a new “escalation contract.”

Hitman is now available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. A physical Complete First Season bundle will arrive on January 31, 2017.

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