HMV Adds In-Store Gaming Zone

dell takes a slice at apple with super thin latitude z dellz closedYou’ve seen them in the stores, those little areas where you can try out a gaming system. They’re the spots full of teen and pre-teen boys with adults looking on wistfully, tooembarrassed to push their way in.   Retailer HMV has obviously noticed, and come up with an idea that can allow everyone to play. In their store inEdinburgh, Scotland, they’ve created a Gaming Zone, where, for $6 an hour (or $10 for three hours), shoppers can play Xbox360 to their hearts’ (orwallets’) content.   Measuring 2,000 square feet, the Gaming Zone opens tomorrow with have 27 consoles, all with HD TV screens. Up to 16 players at a time can play against each other,either in the flesh or online via Xbox Live. Unsurprisingly, the facility will be kicked off with a Halo 3 tournament.  For parental protection, access will be through a membership scheme. Those wanting to play will have to give information, including an e-mail address, to sign up, and might be asked forparental consent and ID.   Given the ratings on some games, the zone will include an 18+ area.   Tim Ellis, HMV Head of Games, said,   “This is a really exciting project, which Ifeel will generate a great deal of interest. If the HMV gaming zone proves a hit, then we’ll consider if there are opportunities to roll out the concept to other stores in the chain."  Just think of it as the new, hi-tech arcade.