Homeworld 2 review

Quote from the review at Adrian’s Rojak Pot:

“Personally, I enjoyed it so much because it was challenging and yet not exceedingly difficult. I actually finished the entire game in about 12 hours! In fact, I find that Homeworld : Cataclysm and the original Homeworld games are harder to win.

However, it will prove to be a challenge if not played properly. Still, with a proper understanding of the game’s mechanics as well as the units available to you, you should have no problem figuring out how to make full tactical use of them and winning the game.

All in all, Homeworld 2 gets an A+ grade in my book. I just can’t help wishing there were more missions. But since the fifteen missions tell the story in a nice flow, there is no reason to prolong it with superfluous missions. After all, [spoiler!] it looks like there will be a Homeworld 3! And if that comes true, you can be sure of a review here at Adrian’s Rojak Pot!”

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