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Horizon Forbidden West lets a friend co-pilot the game

Anyone playing Horizon Forbidden West can have another friend co-pilot the game or make sure that every piece of the robo-dinosaur they kill can be salvaged thanks to the game’s accessibility settings.

Detailed in a post on the PlayStation Blog, the upcoming game boasts a myriad of different accessibility settings, ranging from the bare standard to unique features specifically tailored for this game. On the more basic side of things, players will be able to change the size of subtitles, and whether they have a background. Players can also turn Aim Assist on or increase Concentration, which temporarily slows down time whenever players aim with a bow. Auto sprint, auto heal, and auto Shieldwing all save players a press of the button, letting them focus on the action ahead instead.

While those features are sure to help players a good amount, some of Horizon Forbidden West‘s other accessibility features will let the game be played by just about anyone. With feedback from a sightless accessibility consultant, Guerrilla has added a co-pilot system to the game, essentially letting another player take control whenever necessary. It requires another controller being used, as well as another user profile, but lets a second player steer Aloy in the right direction should the need arise.

Easy Loot, one of the game’s unique difficulty setting options, is also sure to be welcomed by anyone playing Horizon Forbidden West. While some crafting materials require specific parts that can only be shot off of the game’s robotic enemies with a bow, this setting ensures that every part of the bot drops once it’s defeated. Players who have a hard time aiming or otherwise can’t get that one specific crafting material they need will be able to quickly pick up whatever loot they need.

A full list of Horizon Forbidden West’s accessibility settings can be found on the PS Blog. Horizon Forbidden West is set to launch on February 18 for PS4 and PS5.

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