How to make everything you need to build an awesome base in ‘No Man’s Sky’

No Man’s Sky has changed significantly with the release of the “Foundation Update,” the first major patch since the game’s launch. Players firing up the game now may notice that the crafting requirements have been altered, fuel elements have changed, and new products are available.

The biggest change to No Man’s Sky in Foundation, though, is the addition of the ability to put down roots on various planets. You can now stake claim on a world to make it your home, construct a base and hire specialists to run it, while unlocking new capabilities along the way.

But like everything in No Man’s Sky, knocking together a base and unlocking all its upgrades isn’t easy. It’s actually a huge, lengthy series of quests that require players to fly between planets and even solar systems to collect everything they need. It’s easy to get lost along the way, or to get confused about where to find the necessary crafting materials, so we’ve put together this detailed guide that will get you everything you need to make yourself the best base possible.

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Phase One: Find a base and build some stuff

To start putting your own base together, you need to find an existing one to take over. That’s pretty easily accomplished — fly to any planetary system and start scanning, and you’ll eventually see an icon appear that denotes a habitable base. Fly down to the one you like, head inside and claim it, and you’re off.

Should you decide you don’t like your current base or the planet it’s on, you can find a replacement location and switch over to that one instead. Doing so will transfer the resources you’ve already spent on your old base to your new one. You can only have one at a time, though.

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Once you’ve picked your spot, wander the menus and follow the instructions to slap on a few rooms. Eventually you’ll add the Construction Terminal, which is the start of opening up all the upgrades to your base, your ship, your suit and your multitool.

This is also where the real work begins.

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