How to connect an Xbox One controller to a PC

how to connect xbox one controller pc xboxone

Microsoft’s consoles have always shipped to consumers with the highest quality gaming controllers — lets forget the original Xbox’s notorious Duke — and the Xbox One was no different. Less of a complete overhaul of the Xbox 360 gamepad and more of a refinement, the Xbox One’s controller is perfect for any and all games.

So what if you game on a PC and crave something other than a mouse and keyboard? Or want to try SteamOS?

We’ve got some good news: the Xbox One controller supports Windows PC, and setup only takes a matter of minutes. On June 5th Microsoft’s Major Nelson confirmed a new set of drivers were available, rendering Xbox One controllers compatible with any PC which supports Xbox 360 controller use.

To help you get your Xbox One controller connected to your PC we’ve put together this simple step-by-step walkthrough. What follows is our guide to connecting an Xbox One controller to a Windows based PC.

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Step 1. Download the Xbox One controller PC drivers

Microsoft makes downloading the necessary drivers a breeze by offering them directly from its website. Once you reach the download page simply click on the appropriate driver package and the program downloads to your computer.

Once it finishes find the downloaded program and click on it to run the setup. After accepting the terms in the License Agreement click Install and after a few seconds the drivers install to your computer. 


Step 2. Plug in your Xbox One controller and start gaming

With the drivers installed to your PC plug in your Xbox One controller via a micro USB cable and the setup is complete. You now have the ability to play any game on your PC which features Xbox 360 controller support.

Easy right?

Did this walkthrough help you connect your Xbox One controller to your PC? Let us know of any issues or problems in the comments section.