Fallout 4’s secret developer room features the arsenal of the gods

The world of Fallout 4 is vast and cruel, and players wandering the wastes may find they need all the help they can get. While there is a certain fun to cobbling weapons together out of pipes and toy cars, some people might just want to slap on the best equipment in the game and tear through the Commonwealth like a human radiation storm. For players on the PC, there is a secret room hidden in the game that contains every item: weapon, armor, or otherwise. Used by the developers for testing items, the room is only accessible via console commands. Thankfully, those commands are easy to use.

The console in Fallout can be opened using the tilde (~) key–you may recognize it as that key in the upper left of the keyboard that you never use–and allows players to type in various commands to alter the game. Entering “coc [destination]” will teleport the player to the specified area. Type “coc qasmoke” to reach the dev room, which is an odd town square with boxes containing every weapon, consumable, bobblehead, etc. There is no door leading out of the dev room, so you will need to use the console again to teleport to a normal location.

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