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How to get the Shiny Charm in Pokémon Legends: Arceus

What makes Pokémon so special are the titular monsters themselves. No matter which generation a person started the series with, just about everyone finds that first Pokémon they fall in love with and are drawn into the world of collecting this cute, cool, and diverse set of monsters. Pokémon Legends: Arceus calls back to those days by making the hunt for Pokémon more exciting than ever. Not only can you more easily hunt down Pokémon you're after by seeing them out in the world before starting a fight, but there is also the return of the rarest Pokémon to catch: Shiny Pokémon.

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20 hours

What You Need

  • Completed Pokédex

Shiny Pokémon have been around for generations, but a normal player may never even know they're in the game. The odds of encountering one are so low that it is more likely than not you will complete the entire story of Pokémon Legends: Arceus without ever spotting one. Naturally, they have about a 1 in 4,000 chance of appearing in the wild. Those are some poor odds, but thankfully there are ways to improve them, including the return of the Shiny Charm. This item will help boost your odds while Shiny hunting, but is quite difficult and time-consuming to get. If you're dead set on collecting as many Shiny Pokémon as possible in Pokémon Legends: Arceus, here's how to get the Shiny Charm to help speed up the process.

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How to get the Shiny Charm

The Shiny Charm is not new to Pokémon Legends: Arceus, and functions just like any other charm. The only difference is just how difficult this one is to get, and will be one of, if not the, last thing you get in the entire game. Only go after this item if you're ready to really commit to becoming the best trainer possible.

Step 1: Complete the Pokédex. That's right, you will need to complete the Pokédex to get the Shiny Charm. What does completing the Pokédex mean? First, you need to not only catch all 242 Pokémon registered in the Pokédex, but you also need to reach research level 10 on every Pokémon. That means completing enough research tasks for all 242 Pokémon to mark it as Complete, indicated by a Pokéball icon.

how to get the shiny charm in pokemon legends arceus pok  mon

Step 2: After that monumental task is complete, take a trip back to Jubilife Village and go into the Galaxy Hall to speak with Professor Laventon. A short scene will play out and you will be rewarded with the Shiny Charm.

Step 3: Equip the Shiny Charm and get Shiny hunting!

Normally, your odds of seeing a Shiny are 1 in 4,096. That drops to 1 in 2,048 for every Pokémon you reach research level 10 for, which you will need to do for all of them to get this charm, or further down to 1 in 1,024 if you do every research task for a Pokémon. If you stack the Shiny Charm on top of all this, your rates for finding a shiny is either 1 in 819 for a Pokémon at level 10 research, or 1 in 585 for perfect research levels. These can go just a bit lower, too, if you encounter a Mass Outbreak.

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