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How to play stealthily in Far Cry 6

Far Cry 6 fully embraces guerilla warfare, which makes it the perfect time to brush up on your stealth skills. We know that arranging massive explosions and chaos can be fun, but few things are more satisfying in Far Cry than sneaking up on a settlement and taking out enemies one by one before they even know what’s happening.

Far Cry 6 has changed some things up when it comes to stealth, so we’re covering the latest effective strategies, the gear you need, and what tricks work best!

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Getting the right stealth gear

Gear in Far Cry 6.

First, let’s talk about your equipment. The right gear can make or break a stealth build, and there are lots to choose from. It’s OK to experiment if you find gear that looks like it could be good for your stealth build, but we have a few specific pieces of advice when first putting together the gear:

  • In general, lightweight clothing will work best when stealthing, and you should look for modifiers that enable stealth or fast movement, which will help you avoid detection.
  • If you want a specific item to chase after, look for the Dark Tech gear, which you can purchase fairly early on at the Bandito Barracks camp. It’s a great set to start stealthing with and will help you move silently.
  • Unique items also provide plenty of benefits for those who find them. Oluwa’s Heart, Mimo Abosi’s Mirage, and Ida’s Sigil all have powerful stealth benefits if you can find them. The Trapper Cap can let you hold your breath longer when aiming the bow, while the Parkour Shorts boost your speed after sliding. There are plenty of upgrades like these to look for!

Choosing your optimal stealth weapon

The sniper rifle in Far Cry 6.

Great stealth requires a great weapon, and there are a few different paths you can take here in Far Cry 6. Here are some of the most effective setups.

  • Machete and throwing knives: This requires you to get in close but is one of the most noiseless ways to take down enemies. It’s a lot more dangerous with groups of enemies and may require you to get creative, but there are few options more satisfying. Try it if you find your gunshots keep alerting people, but don’t try to take on more than two enemies at a time like this.
  • Guns with suppressors: A powerful gun with a high-quality suppressor is one of the best ways to achieve medium-distance one-shots. Just make sure you always have a suppressor equipped. Other perks like armor piercing will work with suppressors and can make one-shots even easier. Aim for a high-powered unique Resolver as you progress through the game.
  • Sniping: Sniper rifles are perfect for long-distance stealth gaming. However, this does run the risk of alerting the camp over time and making close-up stealth more difficult. However, sniping gameplay is still very effective in Far Cry 6 and an incredibly fun way to play. Eventually, you’ll want to get the MBP .50 rifle to master your sniping power.
  • Bows: Bows received a nerf in Far Cry 6 and are now more difficult to use in stealth. They can struggle to one-shot enemies, which increases the likelihood of being noticed. However, if you can take enemies down quickly, bows are silent and will help you stay hidden. Look for the composite bow and upgrade it as much as possible if you like this route.

Plan your takedowns carefully

Sliding down a roof in Far Cry 6.

Patience, as usual, is key to successful stealth. Scout out enemy locations carefully and try to track their movements if possible. If an enemy gets close to detecting you, slide and then sprint away. Stay out of the line of sight, and be wary of security cameras — these can be located in many different spots, including inside buildings, and will sound alarms if they spot you.

If you are stealthing up close, remember that Far Cry 6 allows for dual stealth takedowns. After a machete takedown, swivel to the other enemy and use the action button to use a throwing knife. It will get tricky if there are more than two enemies nearby!

If you are using a gun with a suppressor, remember to take it easy. Suppressors won’t work with rapid gunfire. Wait for a bit between shots to keep gunfire suppressed. Eventually, you’ll find a good rhythm.

Other tips and tricks to try

A white panther named champagne.
  • Dealing with alarms can be tricky. Use your Phone Camera to find and mark cameras and alarms so you know where and what to avoid. You can destroy or disable most alarms, although it varies by type.
  • Your animal pal Amigos can help you with stealth, too. Chorizo can help distract enemies so you can get some shots in. The panther Oluso can do stealth takedowns as well as give you stealth perks.
  • If you’re looking for an alternative to traditional stealth, look for the poison Resolver and upgrade it so you can lob poison into enemy groups and stay clear.
  • Camps will call in elite reinforcements as they notice kills. This appears to be a little buggy right now when it comes to stealth kills, which can sometimes count toward reinforcements spawning and other problems. Be careful, and have an exit strategy if things suddenly go bad.

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