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How to pre-order Bayonetta 3: retailers, editions, and bonuses

The Umbra Witch has finally risen and is ready to kick some Angel a**! After years of waiting, it’s finally time to step back into those iconic high heel, high caliber gun stilettos, summon a giant hair demon, and watch the madness unfold around us. Bayonetta 3 was first announced in 2017 but spent so long without any updates or comments on the game that an entire Twitter account was created to count the days that went by without the game being mentioned, reaching a staggering 1,679 days in its longest streak.

The wait is almost at an end, with October 28 being the new date on the calendar to watch out for. But being the classy lady that she is, there was no way Bayonetta would only have a single, normal release. I mean, sure, that’s always an option, but fans of this spiritual successor to the Devil May Cry games who have been waiting for years will certainly be looking to throw some extra cash around for all the bonus goodies you can get your hands on. Here’s everything you need to know before pre-ordering Bayonetta 3 so you are sure to have a devilishly good time.

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Where can I pre-order Bayonetta 3?

A seal with a crack in it that looks like a 3.

Just about every major retailer is offering Bayonetta 3 pre-orders right now, all for the Nintendo Switch, of course, meaning the  is the most convenient way to go.

Standard Edition

Creatures fighting in Bayonetta 3.

The normal, plain old copy of Bayonetta 3 for the Switch comes with no frills or thrills. This is just your run-of-the-mill, $60 copy of the game digitally or physically. No bonuses or anything here.

Pre-order here

Trinity Masquerade Edition

A bunch of bayonetta collectables.

Here’s where the die-hard fans will be happy. This bonus edition doesn’t have a price or way to pre-order just yet, but all the contents have been shown. Here’s what you get:

  • A custom Trinity Masquerade Edition box with the main cover art of Bayonetta leaping in front of a red moon
  • A copy of Bayonetta 3
  • Three interchangeable game sleeves with custom artwork featuring all three of Bayonetta’s designs across her games that can also be combined into a single panorama
  • A 200-page artbook

Once the price and availability of this edition are revealed, we will update this post to keep you in the know.

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