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How to preregister for Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends was a surprise drop that took the gaming world by storm when it hit. No one was prepared for, or expecting, this new take on the battle royale genre to come along and be as polished, fun, and featured as it was right out of the gate. Since then, while updates are relatively slow compared to the frequency bigger titles like Fortnite, Apex Legends has enjoyed a healthy and consistent level of support over its life.

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What You Need

  • iPhone 6s or newer running 11.0 or higher

  • Android device running 6.0 or higher

The next evolution in this free-to-play shooter came as almost as much of a shock as the original game itself — a mobile version. Aptly named Apex Legends Mobile, this upcoming port of the hero-based battle royale will hit Android and iOS devices on May 17, this time giving players a chance to register beforehand to ensure they will have a smooth experience dropping into the game. With the promise of new modes and features not seen in the PC or console version, you'll want to make sure to get in early for an edge. Here's how to preregister for Apex Legends Mobile.

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A legend blasting an enemy with a shotgun.

What is Apex Legends Mobile?

Apex Legends Mobile isn't just a mobile port of the console and PC version of the game. Because it is its own platform, Apex Legends Mobile will not have any crossplay functionality with either console or PC platforms, as well as have its own distinct progression system. Respawn has stated that the game was built from the ground up with "streamlined controls and thoughtful optimizations that result in the most advanced battle royale combat available on a phone."

Apex Legends Mobile will initially launch with 10 Legends, with more coming later, including ones unique to this version of the game. Two maps will be available as well: World's Edge and Kings Canyon, though with some new changes said to "excite old-school fans."

Finally, aside from the expected battle royale mode, Apex Legends Mobile will also be getting some exclusive modes that will bring in "new ways to play with your friends," and "explore the world of Apex Legends."

Wraith body-slamming an enemy.

How to preregister on Android

Starting with the Android platform, here's how you can easily preregister for Apex Legends Mobile.

Step 1: Go to the Apex Legends Mobile official website.

Step 2: Click on the Pre-register on Google Play button near the top of the page.

Step 3: Click on Pre-register.

Step 4: Wait until the game launches for your notification!

Teams of legends falling from the sky leaving colored smoke.

How to preregister on iOS

Preregistering on iOS devices is just as easy as on Android. Here's all the steps you need to take.

Step 1: Go to the Apex Legends Mobile official website.

Step 2: Fill in your information and hit Sign Up.

Step 3: Wait until the game launches for your notification!

What do you get for preregistering?

Aside from being the first to know the moment Apex Legends Mobile is ready to play, you will also be entitled to some exclusive cosmetic items. If you preregister, you'll earn the following bonuses:

  • Preregistered banner badge
  • Fateful Games banner frame
  • On Target Bloodhound Pose
  • Teeth Cutter R-99 skin
  • Molten Earth Epic Bloodhound skin

If 15 million people preregister before launch, you will also get a Holo Spray, and if it reaches 25 million, you can also get a new Pathfinder skin.

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