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How to unlock Fade in Apex Legends Mobile

Thanks to the Legend system, where each character in the original Apex Legends had a unique set of skills and fulfilled a different role, that game was able to carve out a nice place in the battle royale space for itself. Since then, the most exciting thing fans could look forward to, and what was most likely to bring back players who had moved on to other games, was the addition of a brand new Legend to try out. Not only do these new characters bring a new personality and bit of lore to the game, but they can completely change up the meta and the way teams are composed.

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What You Need

  • A mobile device

  • Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends Mobile was built from the ground up, meaning they couldn't just port over the entire roster the original game has been building up over the years. Still, of the 10 Legends available at launch, all but one is a familiar face to anyone who played on console or PC. The one exception, Fade, is not only new to Apex Legends Mobile but also exclusive to this version of the game. That means he, and future Legends as well, can only be played on this specific version of the game. However, Fade isn't selectable right out of the gate. You will need to do a bit of work before you can get your hands on this brand new, mobile-exclusive Legend. Here's how to unlock Fade in Apex Legends Mobile.

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Fade cracking his knuckles.

How to unlock Fade

Apex Legends Mobile introduces a few new forms of currency to the mix, namely pieces and chips, some you can buy with real money and others you have to earn, plus the battle pass. This can all make figuring out how to unlock Fade a little confusing, but it is quite simple once you know what you have to do.

Step 1: Get Apex Legends Mobile and check out the free season 1 battle pass called Prime Time. You do not need to get the paid battle pass to unlock Fade.

Step 2: Each few levels you progress through the battle pass will net you Fade Pieces.

Step 3: Accumulate 10 Fade Pieces, which comes when reaching level 25 out of 50 on the battle pass, by playing matches and earning XP.

Step 4: Unlock Fade from the Legends tab in the main menu and enjoy playing as a new Legend!

Step 5: If you want to speed up the process and are willing to pay, you can unlock the paid battle pass, which instantly skips the first 10 levels. This means you would only need to go from level 10 to 25 instead of starting at zero to unlock Fade.

A battle pass showing rewards.

How to pay to unlock Fade

If you'd rather skip grinding at all and just get right into playing as Fade, you can purchase him outright for 750 Syndicate Gold.

What are Fade's abilities?

  • Passive: Slipstream — gives Fade a temporary speed boost after performing a slide.
  • Tactical: Flash Back — travel through the void to where you were 20 seconds prior while regenerating any shields and health lost during that time.
  • Ultimate: Phase Chamber — throw an explosive device that traps everyone in its radius in the void where they can't deal or take damage.

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